How to Fix acrotray.exe Error? Is acrotray.exe a Virus?

The executable files are one of the most important files on the computer because, without them, we wouldn’t be able to run our applications. We should always take precautions while running or executing exe files so that we don’t execute the files which interact with each other in a conflicting manner. Here, in this article, we will show you a way to fix errors related to the executable file acrotray.exe and we will discuss whether acrotray is a virus or a safe file.

The fact that an executable file is giving us errors indicates that there is something gravely wrong with the system we own and the point of time when the errors occur is important. To grab our attention in case there is an error, our operating system will create an alert which pops up a dialog box.

If you are facing this issue and are unable to fix it on time, there might be several other issues which might occur due to this one issue and your system might get messed up needing a clean install of your operating system.

What is acrotray? The EXE files contain step by step instructions for the compiler installed in our operating system in order to execute the application which we want to use. When you double click the EXE files, our operating system executes the codes required to run the application in an orderly manner. Most of the software applications we use such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, calculator require an executable file to run so errors in these files might cause a ruckus.

Common acrotray errors are listed below –

  • AcroTray.exe Application Error.
  • AcroTray.exe not a valid Win32 application.
  • AcroTray.exe encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Cannot find AcroTray.exe.
  • AcroTray.exe not found.
  • Error starting program AcroTray.exe.
  • AcroTray.exe not running.
  • AcroTray.exe failed.
  • Faulting Application Path AcroTray.exe.
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The above errors might pop up when you are in the process of installing an application. They might also pop up when you are trying to use a certain feature of the application and they might appear when you are trying to boot into windows.

The reasons are

  • The registry system might be corrupt.
  • The system has been infected by a virus, malware or trojan.
  • Some another third party program deleted the EXE file while being uninstalled.
  • An application is conflicting with adobe FrameMaker.
  • Incomplete installation of Adobe product.

The following are the bulletproof methods we will discuss in order to help you get rid of this annoying error.

How to Fix acrotray.exe Errors

FIX 1 – Restart your device

The best way for a windows user to solve all their errors in a single go is restarting their device. There are literally so many software pieces available for the windows users that there comes a time that their drivers need to access the same bit of information and when they conflict with each other, major problems occur. The easiest thing to do is to restart your device in order to give it a chance to restart all it’s drivers to fix this major issue.
what is acrotray

If the above method does not work for you, please move on to the next mentioned method below

FIX 2 – Clearing and repairing the registry files

The central most database which is really important for the Windows OS to run its application is the registry database. There are loads and loads of programs which are dependent on the registry because it communicates with the functions required to boot up an application which you want to use, and, in fact, it is used 24/7 by the Windows operating system so that it can keep the applications running smoothly.

The errors related to registry might occur because of improper installation of a program, blockage in the registry paths, entries related to acrotray are damaged. When the errors similar to acrotray appear, they cause your system to run way slower than its potential speed.

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It is recommended that you download a registry cleaner and repairer software in order to automate the process because the manual process is really tedious and inefficient. You can simply search for the term ‘registry cleaner’ in order to find loads and loads of open source software pieces. We urge that you stay alert about the reviews and download the file from a trusted website in order to prevent malware, viruses and trojans attacking the computer.

FIX 3 – Perform AntiVirus Scan

Yes, there is a chance that a virus has infected your computer and it needs to be immediately scanned in order to prevent the virus from accessing other files on your PC.

So, you need an antivirus for that. If you don’t already have one, you can search for a free antivirus tool (example: Avast free Antivirus) and use that in order to scan and destroy all the malicious files.

This might just be the solution for your case.


The above-mentioned methods are the most simplified and straightforward methods available anywhere to get rid of your acrotray errors. If in case they don’t work, please consult a technician or if you want to avoid those charges, you can do a fresh OS installation instead using image files.


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