2 Years after launching his fintech startup, this 21-year-old is already advising Rs 130 cr in assets

A lot has been said about investments and stocks taking a plunge as investors seem shaky during this pandemic. But Savart’s young CEO, Sankarsh Chanda believes that financial and economic recovery can resume along with the overall healthcare recovery if digital enablement is assumed across domains including investment.

Savart provides a digital platform for investments in Mutual Funds, Stocks, and Bonds across 30 countries. The platform uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and human intelligence to take into account over 1200 parameters and enable an advisory suited for individual investors.

“Our vision of serving ‘everybody’ is one of the most important aspects of the business. We make constant efforts to drive our costs down & make our services accessible to a larger number of people. Our special discounts for students, farmers, and those with the poor financial background are a small part of our initiative in this direction,” said Chanda emphasising the importance of democratizing investment for the wholesome development of economies.

“The idea is to be as indiscriminate and assign equal importance to each investor regardless of their investment size. We enable investments starting from INR 100, and those investors get the benefit of the same quality of advisory as someone who can invest INR 50,00,000.”

“It is efficient because we have significantly reduced the cost of investment for our users. This opens up the option of investments for a lot of people who are reluctant because of the added risk,” he added.

From a young age, Sankarsh has been keen about investments and Savart presents his vision to democratize investments across age and income groups alike. So, the 21-year-old set upon creating a comprehensive yet simple-to-use & indiscriminate platform.

Psychometric analysis to income and AI-enabled platform drive the investment decisions within the company, replacing the traditionally slow & biased research.

Savart is working on transforming the manual, slow & bias-oriented research procedures to create hybrid systems that combine computing power and human intuition. The goal is to replace solely quantitative & often biased research patterns with a more intelligent one to explore qualitative business characteristics & capabilities to customize advice at a mass scale.

Using Applied Behavioural Science, the platform customises advice to individuals based on their goals, temperament & requirements.

Its proprietary system, EFG (Emotional-Financial-General) Analysis helps understand the investor’s temperament through a psycho-metric analysis that captures the client’s behavior, responses & investment patterns in real-time to create a unique and developing profile for each client. Using this, the platform presents a customised portfolio & advisory.

The equity investment space is a competitive one, yet due to its potential Savart has had terrific traction in terms of users. As of March 2020, the company had amassed a whopping Asset Under Advisory to the tune of INR 130,00,00,000 and is looking to diversify into private equity & select exotic investments. With a comprehensive stock research algorithm and an efficient semi-urban & rural reach, the user segment for the company is truly diverse. The company has also recently unveiled its pilot international advisory plans for American & Canadian markets. 

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